The Artist Formerly Known As The Student Revolt

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One of the core principles of Ignite Magazine and indeed the inspiration for the name was to ignite debate discussion and interest around key issues of politics and culture. As a part of this we invite you dear reader to submit articles of your own. Be they about films, music or riots erupting in Missouri we want to know what you think.

If you would like to submit a piece then please send it…

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Nazi Nick Gets The Boot

Nazi Nick Gets The Boot


Nick Griffin has been removed from his position as leader of the British National Party, following the party’s disastrous electoral performance earlier this year. The former leader was ousted at a meeting of the party’s national executive on Saturday, after the party lost all of their MEP’s and all but two of their councillors in this year’s local elections. Griffin’s role as party chairman will…

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A Community United


You often hear it said how things aren’t the way they used to be, back when communities really were communities, where you knew everyone on your street by their first name and you had no qualms about leaving your door unlocked when you went to the shop. For residents in the area of Easton in Bristol it’s time to reclaim that sense of community.


Easton has recently become the location of the…

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NYPD Twitter campaign fail.

NYPD Twitter campaign fail.

Yesterday the New York Police Department launched a campaign on Twitter which invited people to tweet pictures of themselves with “New York’s finest” using the hashtag #mynypd to promote a supposed good relationship with the community.

The tweet that started it all.

The tweet that started it all.

The campaign however didn’t work out too well for the NYPD as thousands of users sent in pictures of brutality at the hands of NYPD.…

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Fashion for Fascists


A controversial clothing brand strongly associated with the extreme right in Europe has opened a high street store in London.

Thor Steinar, the fashion label popular with hardline right wingers in Germany, has opened a shop in north London called the Viking Thor Shop – but locals may be unaware of its right-wing roots. The shop has been operating from Ballards Lane in North Finchley since late…

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A workers farewell for Bob Crow (1961-2014)

A workers farewell for Bob Crow (1961-2014)


As the sun shone across Ilford, north east London, on 25 March the roads that lead to the City of London Cemetery were a sight to behold as hundreds gathered to pay their respects to RMT leader Bob Crow, who died suddenly last week of a suspected heart attack. Trade unionists and activists displaying hundreds of colourful union banners as well as flags from groups such as the Stop the War…

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Freedom paper goes digital.

Thirteen months since the brutal attack on the Freedom bookshop in London the Freedom Collective release a statement that announces possibly their biggest news in 128 years.


Published March 10, 2014

Since Freedom: A Journal of Anarchist Socialism first appeared in 1886 it has been in the form of a newspaper to be sold. Now the Freedom Collective has decided…

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Topman scraps ‘Nazi Jacket’

Topman scraps ‘Nazi Jacket’

High street fashion giant Topman is once again making 
headlines for it's callous approach to design. This time 
instead of misogynistic t-shirts the retailer has been 
selling clothing emblazoned with Nazi insignia. 

The jacket in question, the £205 “grunge look” Horace hooded denim 
jacket featured an emblem worn by Second World War SS troops.
 topnaziThe ancient Norse odal rune, a symbol…

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Good Night White Pride Worldwide

Good Night White Pride Worldwide


April 5th marked this year’s White Pride Day, an annual event where white separatists, ultranationalists and neo-Nazis come together to drink, shout and promote their racist bigotry. For the past few years the UK location for this event has been the Welsh city of Swansea with this area becoming a stronghold for the re-emerging National Front (NF).

The days leading up to this year’s event,…

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Plastic Bag Radio: Interview with Holly Rea

Plastic Bag Radiois a show on the University of the West of England’s very own Hub Radio. The show, hosted post-graduate students Sam grist and Matthew Hollinshead alongside former UWE student Samir Seddougui, airs every Tuesday 3pm-4pm. The show mixes…

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